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Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital Ltd

Transfer a Case to Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital

How to Transfer a Case:

Transferring a medical case to Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital is a straightforward process. You can utilize our secure and efficient online case transfer form, or alternatively, contact our dedicated case transfer team, who will assist you throughout the procedure.

Your Partner in Care:

By transferring your cases to us, you become an integral part of the healthcare journey. We value the trust you place in our hands and eagerly anticipate collaborating with you to provide the best care possible. Together, we can make a significant difference in the well-being of our patients.

For more information on our case transfer process or to get in touch with our case transfer team, please visit our “Transfer a Case” page or contact us directly. Your cases’ well-being remains our top priority.

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