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Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital Ltd

Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Ray Bayo

Dr. Ray Bayo is a highly skilled Cardiothoracic Surgeon with a diverse educational background, having trained at prestigious institutions such as University College Hospital Ibadan and the National Cardiothoracic Center in Ghana. Additionally, he gained valuable experience through his work in hospitals in India. Dr. Bayo’s expertise lies in the fields of Thoracic, Cardiac, and Vascular Surgeries, where he demonstrates a commitment to excellence and patient care. Currently, he is further honing his skills through specialized training in Endovascular surgery.

In addition to his extensive medical qualifications, Dr. Bayo is a recognized Fellow of the West African College of Surgeons. He is an active member of several professional societies, including the Nigerian Cardiac Society, Nigerian Thoracic Society, and the Association of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Nigeria, showcasing his dedication to staying connected with the broader medical community. Dr. Bayo is also known for his collaborative spirit and enthusiasm for exploration, making him a valued team member in the field of Cardiothoracic Surgery.

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