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Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital Ltd


Dr. James Ayokunle Balogun

Dr. James Ayokunle Balogun is a distinguished Consultant Neurological Surgeon and a visiting consultant at Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital Ltd, where he brings his vast clinical expertise to the forefront, specializing in neurosurgical and neurooncological care. His impact in the medical field goes beyond his clinical practice, as he also serves as a dedicated Lecturer at the University of Ibadan College of Medicine, a role he has held since March 2016. With nearly eight years of experience in academia, he plays a pivotal role in educating and shaping the future of medical professionals in this specialized field.

Dr. Balogun’s academic journey is nothing short of remarkable, with significant accomplishments such as a Commonwealth Medical Fellowship in Surgical Neurooncology at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, which has facilitated international medical collaboration and research. His academic history further includes roles as a Visiting Scholar/Research Fellow at UPMC Cranial Skull Base Center, a Clinical Fellow in Pediatric Neurosurgery at The Hospital for Sick Children in Canada, and a Clinical Fellow in Surgical Neuro-oncology and Skull Base at Toronto Western Hospital. These achievements underscore his unwavering commitment to advancing knowledge and expertise in the fields of neurosurgery and neurooncology, enriching the medical community and benefiting patients on a global scale.

Dr. Balogun is renowned for his pioneering work in neuro-oncology and pituitary tumor surgery, making significant contributions to the field both in Africa and worldwide. His outstanding contributions have earned him the esteemed position of the pioneer president of the Society for Neuro Oncology in Sub-Saharan Africa, a testament to his dedication and impact on the medical community. 

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