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Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital

Ikediasor Felicia

Ikediasor Felicia is a highly skilled Chartered Accountant with a wealth of experience spanning over 8 years in the financial services industry. As the Hospital Accountant at Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital Ltd, she has consistently demonstrated her proficiency in managing financial accounting records and addressing various financial issues. Felicia is driven by her ambition and motivation to excel in her field, making her a dedicated and hardworking professional. Her exceptional attention to detail and strong mathematical aptitude allow her to produce precise and concise financial reports, ensuring accuracy and integrity in all financial matters.

In addition to her technical expertise, Felicia is known for her excellent communication skills, enabling her to convey complex financial information clearly and effectively. Whether working independently or as part of a team, she thrives in a collaborative environment, contributing to the success of her organization. As a proud member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, Felicia embodies the highest standards of professional excellence in the accounting field and continues to be a valuable asset in the financial realm, contributing significantly to the success of Dukes Neurosurgery and Specialist Hospital Ltd.

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